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Hot Pink

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Roseshire X Disney are proud to bring you The Little Mermaid Experience! This magical offering features Ariel and Eric with a stream of fresh roses. Send this special gift to ensure an experience filled with magic!

Stem sizes may vary from 19"- 25" in length. Roses are hand arranged and arrive in our trademark Roseshire Box. Your message provided at checkout will be printed on a matching Ariel greeting card.



About our Fresh Roses
Roseshire is an experience, not an arrangement. Every delivery is hand assembled, from the hand-sealed wax on your recipients card, to every rose being hand-manicured and placed into its own individual water vial. The design was based around gifts and the "big reveal" when opened. We guarantee full eyes and emotions when your recipient opens a package from us.

Stem sizes on fresh roses may vary from 15” - 25” in length. Roses are hand arranged and arrive in our trademark Roseshire Box.

How long will my fresh roses last, and how can I keep them fresh?
The unboxing was spectacular. Now it's time to take care of your roses to make the experience last even longer. Your roses should last at least 5 days, but can last much longer with proper care. Please follow our guideline below for maximum enjoyment.

  1. Lift your roses from the packaging and remove the water tubes from the stems.
  2. Cut a quarter inch off the stems diagonally. An angled cut increases the surface area and keeps the stem from sitting flat at the bottom of the vase.
  3. Roses should be placed in a clean vase with lukewarm water and flower food. Remove any leaves that fall under the waterline, these leaves can rot and cause the roses to wilt.
  4. Trim the stems every few days to expose fresh tissue and place them back into the vase with fresh water and more flower food. Replenish water when needed and never let the water get cloudy.
  5. Avoid heat or direct sun.

What is your quality guarantee?
Your fresh roses will arrive in pristine condition and make an extraordinary impression. We guarantee 5 days of vase life for fresh roses. If you are not satisfied with your roses for any reason, please contact us within 5 days of their arrival at help@roseshire.com.

About our preserved Forever Roses (Eyes For You, Now and Forever, OH BOY! and Enchantment Dance boxes only)
Our Forever Roses are preserved roses and will last 1-2 years without water and are meant to stay inside their decorative box. Please keep them out of direct sunlight and humidity. These roses do not include the stem and each rose head is approximately 2.5 inches in size.

What’s unique about roses from Roseshire?
We believe extraordinary roses should overwhelm you with their beauty and superior quality. Unlike other florists, we handle only roses. To that end, we’ve developed a swift and careful process to bring our flowers from their fields to your door. We monitor every step of our roses’ journey and do not permit them to be handled outside of our supervision. We have close relationships with sustainable growers in Central America and even some in California for top local product when possible.

Why is overnight shipping the only option available when my delivery date is next week?
We ship our fresh roses with overnight shipping the day prior your delivery date to ensure the freshest roses.

Do you have a return policy?
We do not accept returns for fresh flowers and all sales are final, as fresh flowers cannot survive a two-way trip. In the event your package was damaged or never arrived, contact us within 5 days and we will make it right through a replacement bouquet. If you received the wrong item, we will re-send the correct item or issue you a refund. We want you to have the best experience possible, please contact us if you have any issues with your order!

What will my personal greeting look like?
Some box styles come paired with a matching greeting card, other boxes will allow you to select a greeting card. Your personal message will be printed on quality stationary, secured in a linen envelope, hand-stamped and sealed with wax. Elegance!

How does Roseshire package its roses?
We handle them tenderly and package them to protect against shock, heat, and humidity. A plain brown delivery parcel encloses your special Roseshire presentation box. We balance the need to protect our roses with the desire for minimal impact to the environment, and we’ve designed our packaging accordingly. You can help by recycling all paper-based material as well as the water tubes.