I'll Trade You a Dozen Roses for Your Goat September 07 2014

Sick? Get some roses. Love? You'll need some roses. Goat? Sure, trade for roses.

Throughout history, no other flower has been mentioned more than the rose, and for good reasoning. The rose has been mentioned in music, mythological stories, as an icon in movies, transformed into perfumes, and been sought as the go-to flower of love. Roses grow wild from the mountains of Norway, to as far south as Mexico. Roses were in such high demand during the 17th century, that royalty considered roses or rose water as legal tender, and were often used as barter and for payments. Today, now raised agriculturally for profit, the rose is the most popular selling flower nationally, and possibly globally.

To define this history into a product, the rose needed to be separated from the crowd in horticulture. Many today now use the iconic rose and its sub-species of roses for home decor and weddings. The rising popularity of the garden rose is now saturating the wedding industry, where a single garden rose stem can have a bloom the size of a softball. Florists are now manipulating hybrids of roses to grow new strains that carry bolder and brighter colors that can’t be found growing wild in nature.

Whatever your reason for buying roses, understand the history the roses have acquired from its birth. The appreciation for a rose can bring a sense of sass and wit when arranging yourself or sending to a recipient. Consider that statement a formal disclaimer, as you've been enlightened.