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Outside The Box

The Future of Men is Sad September 11 2014

I recently had a conversation with a few colleagues and friends about our recent launch and rose products we offer, and here were a few of their responses... "5 dozen roses?! That's a lot! Why so many?" "It has to be a special occasion for me to send roses." "I don't want to create the wrong impression. Maybe just a couple dozen roses would do." I'm realizing what separates the...

I'll Trade You a Dozen Roses for Your Goat September 07 2014

Sick? Get some roses. Love? You'll need some roses. Goat? Sure, trade for roses. Throughout history, no other flower has been mentioned more than the rose, and for good reasoning. The rose has been mentioned in music, mythological stories, as an icon in movies, transformed into perfumes, and been sought as the go-to flower of love. Roses grow wild from the mountains of Norway, to as far south as Mexico. Roses were...